We are a modern and innovative company for technical process monitoring systems and innovative solutions in metal cutting. MCU was founded 2005 and we are based in Maierhöfen since 2010

A dedicated and highly motivated team of experts develops, manufactures and sells hardware and software components for numerous machine manufacturers and their customers, who are primarily active in the field of metal cutting. We serve companies in the automotive industry, valve manufacturing and component manufacturers in the aerospace industry in the international area.

Photographer: Martin Rudau


A fast solution mentality and innovative product developments are core components of our company philosophy.
Together with www.nevolab.de and www.bizs.de we have our headquarters in the IT-workshop Maierhöfen.
In this creative environment with a view of nature, we develop innovative products for our customers.

Every decision and action is oriented towards a long-term, responsible corporate orientation.
Sustainability, value orientation and recognition are the foundations on which our guidelines are based.

1. Our creative team develops and distributes customer-oriented, innovative and easy-to-use solutions.

2. Our products are characterized by durability, flexibility, repairability and high customer satisfaction.

3. With foresight, openness and honesty, we create a long-term, respectful partnership with our customers and suppliers.

4. An honest, open, reliable, appreciative and cooperative dialog is important to us.

5 For us, cooperation means meeting at eye level, strengthening strengths and supporting each other.

6. Through careful use of resources, we make our contribution to maintaining a healthy basis for life both for ourselves and for future generations.

7. By constantly supporting regional social projects, we take responsibility for our society.

8. Together with our partners, we research solutions in new product fields with a positive impact on society and the environment.

9. All of the above points are based on the values of the Economy for the Common Good.

MCU GmbH & Co. KG

Am Gehrenbach 8
88167 Maierhöfen / Germany
Tel. +49 (0) 8383 - 92233-10
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E-Mail: info(at)mcu-gmbh.de