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Direct access to every single axis

The 5-axis-simultaneous milling machines with three linear and two rotary axes are constructed particularly for the treatment of turbine blades. Due to this for the company Hamuel Maschinenbau in Meeder it was important, to have flexible and individual access to all driving axes in the process monitoring. Hence together with MCU for the Siemens Solution Line an ideal interface was developed. Since then Hamuel relies continuously on the process monitoring Toolinspect; also because of the easy handling.

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Process monitoring system of machine tools

Who are poor in man or even man produces loose processes, required certain conditions to protect themselves. So laconically putting the concept of process monitoring in the company matec on the point. It recommends that systems of MCU for years here, or integrated, passing back especially on measurable customer benefits. Best examples for this are common developments for critical applications or even a current monitoring for the friction stir welding.

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Process monitoring with faster start of series

Because of the variety of parts you have in WST precision technology is not the time for several days with intense
the monitoring tool to employ. In order to still the optimal production parameters to fi nd
you bet on Toolinspect MCU for some time.

For WST it was from the beginning about buying processes and monitor. The warranty for this take over the machine manufacturer and so it would be reckless in the opinion of Thomas Faller, arbitrarily to integrate their own monitoring systems. That it then but worked with Toolinspect even with the V160, has something to do with the tenacity of WST. Confident but also to the fact that Uwe Schröter Index
the promise of complete support for the interfaces including PLC programming was.

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Practice PRODUCTION: To prevent tool breakage reliable

The aim to make three layers safer, but it is so
already come much closer, says Kuhn. , Toolinspect 'has been
over a year now and since then by about 40 tools
yet none left for this family to break.
Here, in batches of 5 000 units / year is every two days
for a new product with maturities ranging from 4 to 15 min prepared.

The production is moving at 86%.

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